BS Biochemistry GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

BS Biochemistry GCUF Past Paper for Affiliated Colleges

BCH- 301 Introductory Biochemistry
ENG- 321 Functional English
ISL- 321 Islamic studies
ACH- 301 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry
MTH- 321 Mathematics I
SOC- 301 Introduction to Sociology
BCH- 302 Biochemistry of Carbohydrates
BCH-304 Biophysics
ENG- 322 English Comprehension and Composition
STA- 321 Pakistan studies
PST- 321 Introduction to Statistical Theory
PSY-422 Introduction to Psychology
BCH- 401 Cell Biology
BCH- 403 Biochemistry of Nucleic acid
ENG- 421 Communication Skills
CSI-321 Introduction to Computing Applications
ACH- 302 Fundamentals of organic Chemistry
ACH-401 Fundamental of Physical Chemistry
MIC-301 General Microbiology-I
BCH- 406 Molecular Biology
BCH- 402 Human Physiology
BCH- 404 Biochemistry of lipids
BCH-507 Biochemical Techniques
BCH-509 Plant Biochemistry
BCH-501 Amino Acids and Proteins
BCH-503 Enzymology
BCH-505 Biosafety & Ethics
BCH-508 Bio membranes & Cell Signaling
BCH- 504 Industrial Biochemistry
BNB-502 Proteomics (Elective I)
BCH-502 Nutritional Biochemistry
BCH-506 Genetics
BCH-510 Bioenergetics
Biotechnology (Elective III)
BCH-601 Current Trends in Biochemistry
BCH-603 Biological Metabolism
BNB-402 Bioinformatics-I
BNB-504 Genomics (Elective II)
BCH-611 Fermentation
BCH-602 Immunochemistry
BCH-606 Antimicrobials & Chemo therapy
BNB-405 Biotechnology