4 Week Online Course For Medical Coding And Billing

  • Introduction to medical billing processes and procedures
  • Understanding the revenue cycle in healthcare
  • Overview of reimbursement methodologies and payer types

Coding Guidelines and Regulations

  • Familiarization with official coding guidelines and regulations
  • Understanding compliance and ethical considerations in medical coding and billing
  • Introduction to HIPAA regulations and privacy laws in healthcare
  • Overview of the CPT code set and its structure
  • Introduction to E/M coding and evaluation guidelines
  • Exploring surgical and medical procedures coding
  • Practical application of CPT coding principles through case studies and exercises
  • Coding scenarios covering various medical specialties and procedures
  • Instructor-led feedback and discussion on coding accuracy
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  • Advanced coding concepts and modifiers
  • Coding for special services, such as anesthesia and radiology
  • Best practices for accurate and efficient CPT coding
  • Understanding the importance of specificity in diagnosis coding
  • Introduction to coding conventions and guidelines
  • Practical application of ICD-10-CM coding principles through case studies and exercises
  • Coding scenarios covering common medical conditions and diagnoses
  • Instructor-led feedback and discussion on coding accuracy
  • Advanced coding concepts, including combination codes and laterality
  • Coding for complex medical conditions and scenarios
  • Strategies for accurate and efficient ICD-10-CM coding

Introduction to Medical Billing Software

  • Overview of standard medical billing software systems
  • Hands-on practice with billing software functionalities and features
  • Introduction to electronic claims submission and processing
  • Overview of insurance claims processing and adjudication
  • Strategies for preventing and appealing claim denials
  • Introduction to common billing errors and how to avoid them
  • Exploring career paths in medical coding and billing
  • Overview of professional certifications and credentials
  • Tips for career advancement and continuing education in the field
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